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How Media Manager Online works

The Media Manager research team pro-actively contacts media owners and personnel to input and update information held in Media Manager Online. Information is edited daily and updated daily. It is made available to paying subscribers in advertising, public relations, marketing and media owner disciplines. Overseeing all operations is Mike Leahy, previously a heavyweight media director and author of the first local textbook on media. This gives users assurance that Media Manager has someone who understands their needs and problems.

All listings free-of-charge

All information is carried absolutely free-of-charge for all media owners and personnel. Income is sourced from selling subscriptions to those who need the information, and optional advertising from media owners.

Why subscribers pay for Media Manager

Subscribers pay for Media Manager Online because it is comprehensive and contains valuable data edited into a format that suits their needs. Because it is online, information is immediately available to those who need it - media-decision makers - when they need it.

Information plus

Media Manager Online provides a whole lot of tools. This enables users to create documents and memos for internal use and client presentations. It saves time and energy and allows them to spend more time on doing the real work of planning and buying. This brings the typical user comment “...with Media Manager I can do my job much faster and easier.”

Subscribers have the option to have additional modules such as the acclaimed Inflation Watch together with Rate Watch. Furthermore Media Manager Online republishes data from the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) for print media, DMMA/Effective Measures for online and All Media & Products Survey (AMPS).

Media Manager subscribers are important

Media Manager subscribers include all important main-stream advertising agencies and media independents, plus a large number of public relations consultants and direct clients. 19 out of 19 of the top media placing and planning advertising and media agencies and 10 out of 10 of the top PR consultants subscribe (source Finweek's AdReview 2012). It is estimated that more than 84% of advertising space and time is bought by companies who rely on Media Manager for their information needs.

Recognition for Media Manager

Recognition of Media Manager’s contribution is evidenced by winning the first ever Specialist Press Association’s Pica award for Electronic Publishing. Plus, Media Manager has been nominated twice by the Advertising Media Forum as Innovator of the Year, making it the only rates and data/information service to be so recognised.

What you can do to help

We believe that it is our duty to get the correct information, whatever it takes. We owe this to paying subscribers. Nevertheless it will help us, and therefore subscribers and yourself, if you join in us in a partnership to maintain your listing.

When information is received it is edited into the standard format so that it is comparable with everything else in Media Manager. This is why you cannot input directly. How you get the information to us will depend on the complexity and urgency of what you are sending. A written format is preferable. The following are guidelines:

Telephone the Research Team

This is the simplest and quickest way, but is suitable mostly for changes to a few personnel names, contact numbers, addresses and such like. Call Susan or Mike on +27-(0)83-230-0343 or Rosemary on +27-21-790-2377.


E-mail is the best and easiest way to send information and attachments such as rate cards. We accept attachments in text, Microsoft Word document (1997 version or later), Excel (1997 or later) or Adobe Acrobat PDF format (version 4 or later). Click on the following address to send us an e-mail:

Put us on your VIP mail list, and add this site to your list of favourites.


If the update is urgent then do not use the postal service, rather send an e-mail. Nevertheless there are some occasions when the good old SA Post Office comes into its own, and particularly for voucher copies (see the next point). Our postal address is:

PO Box 2721, LONEHILL, 2062

Voucher copies

It really does help us to receive voucher copies of print publications. From these we can check issues against our list of contents and keep our mutual clients updated. Send to our postal address above.